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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

5-7, this is why I bought a mill/lathe. I am all but clueless on how to run the thing but got so sick of that response. I in no way mean any thing against machine shops. Is just they really don't make any $ off our one of a kind things. Had one shop that does work for NASA make a bushing. Cost 80 bucks and all it was, was a brass tube with varying diameters at each end. Very cool guys but when the guy handed me the part, it was not what I needed, cost $80 and the poor SOB (son of a biker) stopped work on a $30,000 part to knock my thing out just 'cause it was cool. He thought, past tense, motorized bicycles were.

Next, a plasma cutter!

Just ranting. Is just a bummer to get that look when ya came up with a really cool thunk and can't get it made.

I have been talking to some guys about opening a sort of co-op/communal shop. An electrical engineer, artist, welder and some other tradesman. If it works out, gonna call it the "Hack-Shack" Just a shared work space were ya can just ask the guy next to ya; "how would you do this?"
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