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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I took the HD 5-bolt freewheel to the local machine shop to have them redrilled to match my 4-bolt chainring sprocket. I brought the 4-bolt freewheel with me as a reference. The machinist said he didn't have the jig to "index" the 4-bolt 'wheel to the 5-bolt. I told him I just brought the 4-bolt as a reference, so he could transfer specs. I figured he could just use his mike or a ruler. The guy was worried about exacting tolerances. I said it was for my daily-driven bicycle. He starts lecturing me about spending too much and I don't have a $5,000 carbon-fiber bike, yada yada. So the machinist refers me to a cheaper machine shop. That shop was closed for the holidays.

I'll go back to the first shop tomorrow. This time I'll make it easy on him and bring the sprocket that the freewheel will bolt onto.

It slipped my mind. I guess it woulda been simpler if I'd brought the sprocket and the new freewheel with me.

I also bought a $4 siphon pump, two 40-cent circlips for my gearbox and some aluminum channel to fab a chainguard from gearbox sprocket to chainring sprocket. The siphon pump is for my oild dispenser project.
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