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Default Re: Cold bending 1 piece cranks?

OK, I bent some cranks on a Huffy tonight with my bending bars.

They came out real good. Only took about 5 munites per side.

I made the first bend, near the hub with the 4' static bar on the floor. I then applied force repeatedly to the bending bar, and got a pretty steep angle that measured 24" from floor to cheater pipe end, static.(no pressure but gravity on the cheater pipe.)
I then reversed the static bar, added the moveable bar to the crankleg at the tip, and stuck a 3/8 carriage bolt in the pedal hole, as a stop pin, and pulled both bar tips close to the crank arm end and eyballed the reverse bend(pushing bars apart, to parallel the pedal holes with the bike's frame.
I then repeated the process on the other side. Here's the results.



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