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Nice tip thanks - yes mine is 49cc, It will climb to about 60km/p/h, but it just seems to stage out and bog in the middle. A friend of my Father has the same issue, it could be something to do with the CVT at 7,000kms on odometer too I'm told a bit worn and saggy maybe... For the first two days I just wanted to rip the plastics off, but am thinking when the students come back to Uni in Feb I'll list it up on the auction site - I got a fairly good deal on it, and stand to make or break even and have six weeks free fun. I wont be thrashing it, but I did do 12km across town in 5 o'clock traffic in 17min the other day : )

Having said all that - the Chinagirl I built last summer with stock 44T on a 20" rim would BA-LAZE most scooters other than maybe a Yamaha Jog...

Last night I started eyeing up chainsaw powerheads... at $40 for a second hand one, that's super low cost fun... but I digress

Back to GY6's. My verdict is do it if you're feeling it and can get it at a good price compared to a kit motor - Live and learn, who knows it might just be what you like, but I wouldn't say it was any better strictly speaking.

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