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Default Re: Stepson gets a Cranbrick for Christmas

I trust them both with loaded firearms- why should I not trust them with this? The old Sgt. has been teaching them on both from an early age, they will do well. James regularly travels 20-30 miles on his multispeed at age 13, Andrew, 9, can cover 10 miles without tireing too badly, both can negotiate traffic... all in all, I think they're gettng the childhood I wish I had. Start a child in the right direction at a young age and you will not be dissapointed... had to correct much of the damage done by their biological paternal unit, the gork is a master of inertia. Somehow got out of the Army with an 'Honorable' on his 214, I'll be damned if I know how... I do more work accidentally than he does by design. They are starting to grasp the benefits of proper effort coupled with knowledge, a concept that somehow isn't taught in school anymore.
Rather proud of my boys...
the Old Sgt.
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