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Default Re: +7 mph by fixxing poor quality on 66cc

Originally Posted by Motorbikermark View Post
Thanks guys, I had decided that though there might be a chance of internal debris that a tear down at this point (150 miles in to break in) could cause more problems than fixes. Being its not a wet lube system the chances are that any debris will just sit at the bottom of the crankcase. I decided to replace the 415 chain with a #41 since I'm going to be playing with gear ratios and I don't want 4 chains at $15 a pop laying aroung or have to wait a week everytime I need a half link. Do any of you see an issue with this? Theres probably a load strength difference but I believe it would favor the #41 anyway. Plus I don't plan on riding any fat chicks on it anyway. Once again thanks for all your input its appreciated.

God Speed, Mark
I don't think you will go wrong with a #41. When I upgraded mine to this, I could tell a huge difference in the smoothness of the drive train. It's well worth it!

Peace, James
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