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Default Re: Would you like to help a bunch of teenagers go fast?

That’s a definite! Also notice no muffler; the guy now may be deaf

But really it does seem to work.

The other one I have all the links shown, except for the fact the guy moved his residence and the finishing up on the last details of the project got postponed due to misplacing some of the parts. I really like the quality of the workmanship though.

There are other engines he is working on there so I guess this Briggs conversion is now on a back burner. I was not sure a Triumph would have a recoil start on the engine, but I'll look into it.

One more thing about the engine that he was doing the conversion it had a worm gear that connected to the cam shaft and then went through the crank case cover next to the crankshaft at 90 degrees opposed. It was for the self propelled lawnmower. Heavily geared down it may have not been really good for a supercharger but it was mentioned there. I think it turned on its side if the guy gets it back and running, the extra output shaft could be used for a propeller to be amphibious. If you get a snorkel or a valve mechanism to air tanks you could go deep sea rovering in person. Strap on your own air tanks and regs and go down the ramp to davy jones

I actually had seen a two stroke underwater scooter that was used and for sale from a scuba shop. I was going to buy it. I decided not. It used a snorkel for the surface and as an option could use air from the tank and reg intermediate pressure valved into the intake. Was made on Long Island, New York in a town call Glen Cove. I may see if there are any of those things still out there, but electric is more simple.

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PS I used to read a lot of the Tom Swift books.

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