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Default Re: How Did You Get Started With Motorized Bicycles?

I find most of old school/50s styled stuff interesting, and saw some adds for old bicycles for sale in Ebay, and local Craiglist where a local friend (foreign shipping helper) lives.. when he checked out for me, the start prices get fast up on sale. Then i checked locally for the fun of it, and a 1954 cycle came up. Very cheap! And... remembering suddenly its a original "cyclewheel" laying with a friend of me, and the of course the idea was born. 40-50s styled, etc. and that this countrys laws about registration is quite ok about vintage motorizing. Found all (nearly) parts in need, and it was possible to find vintage cycle motors quite okay pricetags around, so why not, some fun in the chilly wintertime!"

In seraching around for tips about the build, how they was in the past, etc. i also ended up here!
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