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Default Re: Would you like to help a bunch of teenagers go fast?

From MT let’s hear the Under Dog!

How to convert a Vertical shaft engine to run horizontally - YouTube

One of my searches brought up this on Youtube. I am halfway through watching and would think just one thing so far I am a little apprehensive about the bending of sheet metal on gas tank to allow it to fit. There was mention of not to cause a leak in the gas tank, but the tool used to make the bend was not what I was expecting. The vertical shaft oil slinger got slung across the shop though and I thought that was funny. It was no longer needed though so I can go for that!

I know that there are many more video's, but so far I would just space the gas tank out along with the integral carb so as not to have to bend the gas tank itself.

If anyone has a link that they have seen that does as I would do or somehow does not come across this bending of the gas tank to accomplish the conversion let me know. I am continuing on seeing how the oil lubrication is changed and also the oil breather which I know is a place for leakage of oil if not on an axis of how it was originally built without a mod. **(correction)** It seems as I am looking at it so far that the oil breather from a version switch from horizontal to vertical would be a problem to fix, but not from the way going from vertical to horizontal. The breather would be up high above the oil bath so one less thing to mod I think. **(correction on the correction)** Actually I just noticed the large hole in the crank case that would be above the oil bath on the vertical shaft orientation, but at the bottom when switched to horizontal. Seems that maybe a tube could make like a snorkel inside the crank case and the use the same hole to exit the crankcase. Then it would possible go up high enough above the oil bath outside the crankcase. It usually goes into the area on the carb to do a twofold job, vent (breathe) and also not to pollute by burning the vapors along with fuel air mixture. Sorry for the flip flop.

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