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Default Re: Would you like to help a bunch of teenagers go fast?

Please be patient with me for a moment. I picked up on a few things that Nathan113 mentioned in his posts. 1) he's in a boy scout group, and they must be making group decisions 2) He stated: We're not really just trying to go fast, it was just a title. 3) Everyone is Dead Set on using what I have. (thats their vertical shaft Briggs ) 4) I would like to learn alot and try new things 5) Its not about taking the Easy Way Out, but to have the experience 6) If we wanted to do it the easy way, I would'nt have joined the forum in the first place. Thats what I got from Nathan113's comments. I have to agree that most of the comments that were given to him were sound advise from our point of view, but they didn't help him very much in fulfilling the boy scouts goals of using what they have and even if it turns out not very good, they still get the experience of trying something different. You Tube has videos of conversions of vertical shaft engines to horizontal that are pretty good and it seems easy to do. Nathan113 still has to figure out how to mount it on a bike, how to do the clutch, what to do for brakes, exhaust, carb, and probably more. I'm sure any ideas we have to help him and his fellow scouts would be appreciated. That's if he still checks back to this forum. I'd like to think with all this knowledge and experience on this forum that we could give them a few good suggestions to help make a safer ride for them.
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