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Default Bicycle camera mount?

Well I thought it would be nice to have a mount of some sort to use my video camera while on the motor bicycle. Something secure and solid that the camera would be safe on.

This is NOT the mount to buy. Just a heads up. The camera bolt is too long to use on any camera I own without a lot of 'slop'. there is absolutely no way to proper secure the camera and mount on the handlebar. The rubberized feet of this thing lock into place (with much slop) at a 45deg angle instead of a straight up and down 90deg that would plant the feet firmly on the bar.

IMO, pure junk.

Bicycle Camera Road Action Video Mount Tripod Metal Red | eBay

On to plan 'B' with this type. Bought 2 and surely it has to be better, at least functional. This looks like a better simplistic design. Fingers crossed and will report back my findings after I've tried it out.

Bike Bicycle Support Mount Holder for Digital Camera | eBay
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