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Default Re: Would you like to help a bunch of teenagers go fast?

Originally Posted by thegnu View Post
I wouldnt say discouraging , I would say sound advice from experienced builders, its hard to tell a persons mental state on a forum , I for 1 at a young age would have attempted something like that an either failed an never tried again , or been discouraged by the many mechanical problems an given up , or succeded an built a machine I was not ready to handle or one that was not very safe , remember we were all young once .
Well said. For myself my intent was not to discourage the building of a motorbike, but to keep the first attempt simple with almost sure success to learn from and go on from there. And no, I didn't want to see anyone getting hurt.
When you are inexperienced and ask people who do have experience for advice, it is good to at least listen with an open mind, weigh what is being said and make an informed plan of action. I have no idea if the person who posted first is even reading this thread anymore. I didn't hear any put downs, just people taking the time to give an honest opinion. I hope they build a bike and have a whole lot of fun.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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