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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by vincent713 View Post
I need to do something about my tires to prevent from getting frequent flats. Does anyone have any suggestions?
I commute (17 miles each way) on my motorized bicycle and flats were a major issue. I am now using: the thicker "thorn resistant" inner tube, nylon liners inside the tire and good, thick, unworn tires. After averaging 2 flats a week I have now gone a month without any.
I want to switch to the Kevlar tires but at $45 each that is gonna wait till after the holidays.
I have considered the solid "puncture-proof" for $95 each but the guy at the bike shop warns me that they tend to slip off the rim. Sounds bad @ 40 mph.

Also, search under "slime" in this forum. Some users swear by it.
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