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Default Re: How Do I Install An Oil Dispenser Inside A Gas Tank

All the parts arrived, altho I did not order fittings and hose to connect the Brunton pump to the dispenser. It looks tiny, maybe 1/8" NPT or smaller.

The assembled oil dispenser holds 1 oz of water. It is LONNNG, about 16". However, it is difficult to fill by syringe prolly because of the restrictive 3/8" to 1/2" reducer/adaptor. I can eliminate the reducer, but I still need to shorten the dispenser.

The Brunton pump fits PERFECTLY in the bottle cage. There is maybe .060" clearance between the bottom of the down tube and the pump's handle at its upstroke. I disassembled the new pump; it works similar to a pellet gun, with piston, cylinder and spring-loaded valve. As I suspected, the pump accumulates air pressure, which forces fuel thru a pickup tube and out the fitting and hose to the stove. The pickup tube's inside diameter is EXTREMELY small, similar to the spray tube on a WD-40 can. Methinks it'll take too much effort for the pump to push 1 ounce of Opti-2 upward thru 30" of 1/8" ID hose. The Brunton pump is NOT gonna be able to push fluid without quite a bit of effort, so I'll resell it.

I believe a simple siphon hose with squeeze bulb would work MUCH better than the Brunton pump. Either that or my VW Bug engine's electric fuel pump. I used it successfully on "The Dragon Lady". Natural siphon action was weak, so I experimented with both the siphon pump and the small electric fuel pump. I used them to transfer fuel from the auxiliary Happy Time tank to two Mitsubishi engines' saddle tanks.

Back to the drawing board, lol.

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