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Default Re: how much is enough?

Originally Posted by Ibedayank View Post
wayne... read last line in his post...

""I know there is no way to get something street legal that will do what I want in Oregon with their 32cc limit. ""

I highly DOUBT you can find a cop that will swallow that the pred 99cc is under 34cc...
all it takes is one LEO in a bad mood on a power trip that decides he is going to ""TEACH"" you a lesson
Well, he said he couldn't get the job done being street legal, so I shared my experience.How is the Cop gonna go about proving it's not 34cc anyways?
He'll for sure hafta call supervisor ect. and if he is on a power trip,or not, he'll prolly be reluctant to do that without a good provoked reason.

Unless you've done something realy stupid, (then you deserve the flak) they're not that interested in taking the trouble to deal with it.
JMHO, YMMV Plus, I am an old timer, and with that status I've noticed that one tends to get away with more.. :~)

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