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Default Re: My Bike: The "Secret Patrol"

Thanks UncleKudzu, I love this saddle. It's only been this season but the saddle has been comfy from day one, and now is noticeably softer than new and I believe well on it's way to completely broken in. Even as it was when I got it I felt it was amazingly comfy. The third spring up front provides amazing isolation of shock and gives the saddle an ability to "float" in all directions in a way no other suspension or gel saddle I've ever used has been able to approximate. I look forward to having this saddle for many years to come. The model is the B73, and it's available through Brooks through most Independent Bike Dealers. They can't just open up the Quality Bike Products catalog and order it though, they have to go through the US Distributor for Brooks, Highway 2. Look for shops that carry Selle Royal and Fizik saddles, and Continental tires. They are other lines generally sold through Highway 2 distribution and are a good indication you are dealing with a shop that can get you access to the wide variety of Brooks product offerings you may not see commonly in other shops. The cost of the nicer saddles alone will prevent most shops from keeping them around on the floor however, so be prepared to read up on your choice carefully, the website has measurements, and be confident in the choice you make, as they will likely have to order it in specially for you. As you know though, Brooks saddles are amazing and well worth a little break-in time because of how they reward you with looks for days, and unparalleled comfort.

Here's a link to the saddle on Brooks' site:

Brooks England Shop online

And check out these crazy heavy duty models. I am planning a build around one of these and a MTB downhill suspension fork soon:

Brooks England Shop online

Happy Riding!

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