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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Well I was feeling ambitious so I ported and polished my intake, shortened the studs to the head (noticed a lil blow by on the fins. figured the accorn nuts were bottoming out) shortened the intake studs and grinded the weld down so lock washers and nut would sit flat. and shortened my chain so I could get rid of the tensioner. With the porting and polishing bike increased in speed from 30mph to 37mph! well worth the effort. I live in the mountains of N.C. so climbing is more important than top speed, so this allows me to go to a slightly larger sprocket. currently running stock 41 thinking about 45. Unfortunitly to make to chain work without the tensioner I'm going to have to get some half links, ans since I already popped the chain that means no motorized bicycle riding til parts come in.
God Speed, Mark

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