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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by anim8r View Post
took the air filter off my china girl for a test run today, just to see how it works with more airflow. DANG what a difference! I couldn't believe the improvement at takeoff. I liked my red skull, but it looks like I'll be replacing it with a microphone screen or a mini strainer or something.

I don't know if mine air filter even makes a diff I was idkleing the other day
"A feat in itself" I figured I want to see if I can choke it out by covering the 4 holes on the "black scull" air filter cover So I covered all 4 holes and nothing it just kept on running ten I got down looked at it then covered the holes again still just kept on running I couldn't block the air going into the carb to save my life
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