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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Quick trip over to the park for a bit of metal detecting.
Hit abt a dozen targets in 45min, or so.
Didn't need to call for an armored truck and guards to carry the loot home. lol

The motorized bicycle has good power through the rpm band now, but it's just too rich.
I can't see where a cns can ever be adjusted perfectly, or close to it.
Perhaps I need to make btr adjustment to the idle mixture adjustment screw???

I did find my Schwinn 12 function bike computer!
Might install it today... got other probs...
Squeeky noise coming from the handlebar stem where it foes down into the top of the neck. I HAVE seen 'em break off on non-powered bikes, so THAT should get attention first.


A short time ago I bought Liquid Wrench brand.
Did NOT like how it sprayed on... even with the little tube thingy, it went all over the place and wasted quite a bit of the spray, getting lost on the shields I had put in position, just for that reason. (card stock & rags)

I DID let it set overnight, before riding it.
It soaked in well, really made a noticeable improvement in chain noise and pulsing.

What I would like to comment on, today, is that it has NOT slung off the chain while in use. VERY GOOD !

I have rim brakes and do NOT want lube slinging onto my wheel !!!

The Liquid Wrench chain lube product IS black.... but it isn't getting on the rim. I like it!


It should not be difficult to make a non-restrictive glass-pack muffler to add onto your existing pipe...
Get some sort of tube a little larger than your exhaust pipe and wrap a layer of 1/4" mesh hardware cloth or expanded metal around the tube, which will be used for a mandrel, and removed, upon completion.
Then give it a wrap of common household fiberglass insulation. Loose. Don't wrap it tightly.
Make the fiberglass wrap a diameter you can slip into a can the size of your choice... a 24oz bud can would be kool... :-)
Hole at the exit end should be abt twice what the inlet end is.

Give it a try using coat hanger wire, to hold it together, and to mount it to see if it effective for you... no $'s... then you can decide if it brings the effect you are looking for.

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