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Default Progress on the 58 Vette

So long story short. This is going to be my 3rd motorbike.

1st Fail was a Micargi Stretch, frame broke 3 different times. Parts Bike now

2nd Fail was a Chinese Cruiser w/PK80. Rims went to crap fast, coaster brake went kaput, fenders all broken now. Parts bike #2.

3rd Attempt: Picked up a 1955 Schwinn Corvette frame. Bead Blasted, painted. Shopped for parts and it was fast becoming a money pit. Spare Frame Bike now.

Last Attempt and Final hopefully. I picked up this 1958 Schwinn Corvette originally for my father so he could get out and exercise. Pops didnt want it, so I decide its time to motorize it since it is all there.

Bike has everything, nothings missing and the bike itself was pretty flawless. A perfect start I thought. So I was going to use the S7 rims only to find out, No adapter will fit this thing and went ahead and ordered a Works-man Rear rim. MM engine mounts are next to be ordered.

Here is where I am stuck. Decided to "clean it up" new decals and just make it look nice again. Problem is, it turned out so nice now, im actually second guessing putting an engine on it. Take a look, tell me your thoughts.

I bead blasted the bike, sanded it smooth, Used a good etch from Dupont then PPG Base Black Met, and PPG Clear DAU. Awesome automotive paint.

Decals are next as i just picked up the Micro Set and Micro Sol for it today. Then ..who knows.

Thoughts please?

here she is as brought home.

Dis assembly pretty clean so far.

All bead blasted, cleaned, sanded and repainted. I didnt like the original Red Met color so I went with black since I figured it was going to be a daily rider.
Paint looks as if it was just dipped in a bucket of paint, its sexy smooth to the point it looks like it has a coat of glossy plastic on it. You can almost see the metallic come thru in the last pic, i didnt want to get too 70s with the metallic so its very low key.

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