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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by happycheapskate View Post
I rode mine around the Christmas lights in the rich area (motor off). Fun times. I have ridden the grubee bike with bicycle clubs before. Most don't like it (roadies), but some people (the more-the-merrier crowd) don't mind it as a pace bike or repair-wagon. :-) The tanaka bike is better recieved because it pedals like a normal bike with the motor off, and still useful for the same purposes as ride scout or repair guy.

I'm interested in lowering the sound volume or frequency, if anybody knows how, without damaging the engine (Tanaka 33 friction drive). I am thinking of trying a few feet of heater hose or silicone hose. If it doesn't quiet it, maybe it will change the sound. I've seen a lot of bikes running rubber hoses on the ends of happytime mufflers. Please send links if you know of anything.
I have run 39" of silicon exhaust hose and a cigar muffler from the OEM muffler/motor in center-frame position, past the rear axle.

You could try fabbing a muffler outa a tin can and steel wool.
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