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Default Re: Intro & Looking to buy

FarmerG... Welcome to the forum! It sounds like you're occupied with plenty of things that need daily attention. I don't want to blow your enthusiasm apart, but even with a
pre-built motorized bike that you can purchase or have made for you, there still is the necessity to maintain and repair these little machines. Some of the scooters/mopeds on the market might be more reliable and cost effective for you. The attraction for motorized bikes, to me, seems to be the building, modifications, uniqueness,customizing, repairing, and of course riding. They can be kept in reliable condition, but unlike a factory warrantied vehicle, that reliability is up to the owner/builder to make sure its going to get you to work and back on a regular basis. Thats the impression I have for the 2 stroke MB's, the 4 stroke guys out there will probably have better reliability stories to tell, but mines a 2stroke, and after 300 plus miles on mine , I'm already waiting one week for parts to arrive. Even so, I enjoy it and have the time to put into it. They're a ton of fun.
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