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Default Re: How Did You Get Started With Motorized Bicycles?

Originally Posted by edangel View Post
i know i dont get 150 mpg like they say it would but it dose ok but again i dont live on flat grown eather i like in the smokie mountion going up hill its drop to 9 mph and what flat land she will get up to 29 mph i got a old mountion bike that she was build in 88 i change the frount out with shocks but has any one know of any one or tryed to make or buy a wind shild not looking for any thing fance just want to keep the air off
I bought this cheap windshield on ebay 2 years ago and left it on my shelf. Last month, I finally figured out how to mount it on my bike quickly and cheaply. I hacksawed two brake levers and used the clamping part to bolt my windshield to the handlebars.

It works well enough for me, but then it's not cold and windy here.

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