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Default Re: How Did You Get Started With Motorized Bicycles?

In January 2011, I told a friend of mine I'd show him a different path in life. That night my 87 Chevy Sprint decided the blizzard we were driving through was to much for it. Went into a ditch full of 4ft. of snow and were "rescued" by the sheriff's dept. I had my license revoked for DUI -- six months no license. The only legal thing I could drive was an electric bicycle. I looked online for them, got a Curries Tech. eZip Trailz and put over 2500 miles on it during the following months, but found it was extremely limited as to where and how far I could travel. Even with the electric trailer I built, I still couldn't get to the nearest town and back without recharging which takes around 4 hours. A gas powered bike was the solution I wanted to try. I sold my 72 Honda 500, and 68 Kawasaki 250 so I could afford my first Cranbrook MB. So far I've been having a blast! It makes me feel like a teenager again. My friend (who's into Harleys) now wants one too.
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