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Default Re: Hello from Texas, from a fellow scooterist

Originally Posted by burnt_toast View Post
Glad to hear this kit should fit the La Jolla, I think its a great looking bike.

What is an extra wide pedal crank, and where can I get it? Or is this something I have to modify?

Not too worried about the manifold, I plan to go all out eventually and see how far I can modify for more performance.

The only thing I am kinda worried about is stopping, with only a rear coaster brake. What are my options for adding a front brake?
The La Jolla has a three piece pedal set up. You have two pedal cranks,one left and one right. The shaft that connects the two together is the third piece. The factory one is too short for clearance of the motor and the exhaust. You can get one from several places. I got mine from the same source as my 2 stroke kits. I get them all from BGF(BoysGoFast,com). I have heard several people complain about aluminum frames being weaker than the steel frames but it seems odd that the only frame that had cracked with me was a steel one and that was one bike out of probably 80 bikes. !2 of the bikes were aluminum and the rest have been steel. If you can get your mounts to align perfectly with the frame and have them mounted securely to the frame then the engine vibes should have no major effects on the frame where the mounts are touching. Everything has to be tight and line up almost perfectly for everything to work and to last a good long time. If not,then you get breakdowns and cracked frames.
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