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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Always fun for me to participate in a global forum!
An island guy in the rain, the candidate from the nutmeg state, Texans, desert racers, and I'm always amazed at the opposite weather down under! could be a cool one, like ours was here in sunny Kalifornia.
and gosh, if I were from one of the northern states I'd just HAVE to be a snowbird!
just not tuff enuff for that anymore. :-)

the search is on for my wallyworld bicycle speedometer, since my kid's 29mph run... I bought it quite a while back and never had the courage to face up to the shabby news all the time. ;-) Hope I can find it before too much longer.

Been hoping to find some fenders someone has discarded... no luck, so far.
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