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Default Re: Motorized Bike Lurching a Bit

Originally Posted by deacon View Post
...didn't you hear the bearings grinding. She said I heard a grinding sound but I turned up the radio...
Deacon - I did indeed turn-up the radio! In fact, I gave it more throttle and the lurching stopped. It appears that the combination of running at (too) low rpms and babying the motor during break-in caused the lurching. The little sucker loves the throttle and has started to purr a wee bit as I have given it more and as it breaks in. I live in a hilly area and am finding that the stock sprocket works pretty well - enough torque to get up the (moderate hills) with enough speed to keep it interesting.

I'm impressed with the little engine. It runs smoothly (so far) and fairly quietly. It sounds like I'm riding my chainsaw! I'm running stock plug wire and plug and built a wiring harness for it; therefore, shorting / grounding potential is minimized (hopefully). The gears make the characteristic whine. I'll try a wee bit of grease as I've seen in some posts. The chain is stretching; gonna have to take out a link soon.
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