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Default Re: just a quickie , an maybe I am nuts

Its only for showing off ,bike parked an idleing , its really simple about 4 inches before the end of your exhaust pipe you add a propane injector crack the propane bottle open an you need an ignition source about 3 inches from that , theres more to it just not going into that detail , an pooff while the engine runs it blows fire . I nixed the idea simply on the basics of 2 stroke motors if your port timing is off you can detonate the motor since 2 strokes scavenge fuel into the chamber there is a breif moment when all ports are open , or iff your motor is running very rich it could ignite up the exhaust an through your motor .( DId a lil reasearch diggin .) it will work on a 4 stroke or any VALVED motor tho . AN DISSCRETION IS A MUST IF YOU HAVE THIS .
was just looking for a way to improve the wow factor . its wow enough an I will be happy there .

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