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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

It rained HARD this morning, but I rode to work anyway. Thankfully, no slipping or sliding. The engine's idle dropped very low, then died. Thankfully, it started up and ran when I kept the engine idle high. I lost low and midrange power, prolly due to water entering the air cleaner.

I had a rain coat, not rain suit, so my work pants got soaked. My boots got soaked, but kept my socks dry. Thankfully, I had extra clothing at work to change into.

After work, the pullstart string stuck in the "out" position. Winding up by turning the flywheel didn't work, so I removed the pullstart. Expecting a broken spring, I was surprised that the center screw was too tight. Loosening it slightly solved the problem, and I was back on the road. I'll be carrying a spare starter from now on.

Thankfully, the engine and bike ran fine on the way home, albeit with a "too fast" idle.
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