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Default Re: Would you like to help a bunch of teenagers go fast?

Originally Posted by Nathan113 View Post
Yes. We have been thinking about it. I have a lot. Its not about taking the "Easy way out" but to have the experience. If we wanted to do it the easy way, I wouldn't have joined the forum in the first place. I would have just dropped 300 to get a old snow blower, bike, and welded it myself.
Here's my suggestion:

Sell your engine for whatever you can get.

Scrounge around for a weedwhacker/trimmer/chainsaw motor. In the dead of winter, you should be able to find one for free or cheap.

One of your friends must have a spare BMX foot peg. That'll be your friction roller. Remove all unecessary shrouds, clutch and attachments. Mount/bolt/weld foot peg to engine shaft.

Fabricate an engine mount with hinged connection. Trial-fit first, engine onto mount, mount onto bike. Line everything up, weld into place so that bike peg can push .75" into the rear tire. Make a scissors-type rear mounting strut that will allow the front part of the mount to pivot up and down. Install bungee cords or springs so that the peg digs deep into the tire. Now use a bike brake lever and cable to activate the scissors struts. This is called a gravity clutch. You activate it when the bike is at a stop. The springs apply downward pressure of the peg into the tire tread. The lever raises the peg off the tire and allow the engine to spin while off the tire. Without the gravity clutch, the engine will die at every stop, and that's less fun.

Good luck. Figure out the rest. You'll be able to complete this bike with $50.

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