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Default Re: Tinsmith's saddle how to...

Originally Posted by OG-Whizzerdude View Post
I wish I would have read this before I did my seat. I was going for the bobber look so I used a banna seat from Italy. That pan was modifed to bend up where it hits the chopped fender. I was lucky enough to let my wife take me to a thrift store. I found a childs wet suit with gel pad knees and a womans leather jacket, cheap. I used a black and Decker knealing pad. I put the pan inside the leg of the suit and cut to length. Super glued it under the pan. Then I cemented the B&D pad to the suit with gel pad in optimum position for the buns. Stuck that assembly into the arm of the jacket, trimed and glued.
Sounds like you made a very comfortable saddle. Excellent! It's surprising and gratifying, too, to see what you can come up with, winging it. I'd like to see a picture if you're willing to share. I'll try to remember to take a picture this weekend of the saddle from this thread now on Tinsmith's stretch Worksman and having being ridden a good many miles.
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