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Default Re: Pulsejet Engine Kits

You can build one out of an old tomatoe can. Not very practical, but is kindu fun. Or a glass jar too. Looks amaaazing if you can see it slow motion.

btw the video linked in the beginning of the thread is not a valveless pulse jet. That one has a reedvalve. While it is made out of steel the reedvalves get destroyed within a matter of seconds or minutes depending on the quality of the cut. Think of it like a piece of steel getting hit with a hammer 1000's of times per second.

It's a more sophisticated design for sure. I always wanted to put two of these on my car Somebody pulls up thinking I'm a ricer for putting fake jet engines on my car.. Flip a few switches, twist a valve, push a button and BOOM everyones deaf and I slowly, oh so slowly, roll off into the distance.

These engines aren't very powerful. You can always put an augmentor on it though which greatly increases torque which I suppose may make you get going faster at low speeds. Will destroy your top end though. Anyway... Good fun!
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