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Default Would you like to help a bunch of teenagers go fast?

Good evening,
My name is Nathan. I live in South Dakota and I often attend my boy scouts class. We were given the assignment of building something, anything. We all agreed on building a go kart or a motor bike. We chose the bike, naturally. Tomorrow afternoon we are going to be trying to put some of the stuff together, but no one really knows anything, besides myself. We have a 6.75 HP motor and an old bike frame. We can get parts easily, but we don't know what to get. The motor spins at the bottom, like any other lawn mower. Our goal is to transfer the power to the chain so that it can power the bike. I've spent a huge amount of time of thinking how to do this. That, for now, is our main issue.
Other issues include: brakes, some sort of clutch/accelerator, and mounting the engine. For all these, we have a clue on how to handle it, but we want to know the best way possible to achieve this. We are meeting tomorrow, so a speedy reply would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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