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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I've had my 66cc with CNS-B carb up to 30 mph many times, but always had to feather the ckoke to do it. Today I ran across a thread about taking off the vent tube for better running and tried it. It worked!!! Now I can go from stop to WOT without messing with the choke. I've tried 8 sizes of carb jets and every C clip setting, along with float level adjustments but still needed to feather the choke. I just tried that vent tube suggestion, when the clutch decided to quit. End of riding for the day. Turns out the clutch bevel gear doesn't have the halfmoon key ... just the screw has been holding it. That ( I think ) explains the screeching sound I've heard now and then from that part of the engine. It sounded like an dry bearing getting ready to give out. Thats my day in 40 degree temps and wind chills in the 20's.
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