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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Wow! U got come kool stuff, 57 !
pls tell us how it works out...

Spanners... what a nice looking billet air cleaner adapter! Looks very nice!!!

Well, I had a GREAT thing happen with my mab.

It was being hard to start when I needed to be somewhere, and No 1 was here at the time, so I had him pedal it back and forth and go for a quick blast after he got it fired up.

Did my errand, came back, and raised my NT needle in the cns carb to the 3rd notch down from the top and had my test pilot ride it again... he didn't want to come back! lol

THAT is the gud news!
He had lots of fun on it. lol
NOW he wants to get one, himself. :-)

...he dreamed up an errand he needed to attend to (:-) ) and I axed him to run thru the radar speed sign on the boulevard....

With a 180-190lb rider, my little motorized bicycle got 29mph thru the traps !
I'm a happy camper!
I finally made it up to at least NEAR the ballpark! lol

Not yet sure if it was my tuning adjustment, or the lighter pilot, because I haven't run it yet, but I sure am happy to hear abt the 5mph increase in top end. He did say mid-range was greatly improved with the adjustment...

GH, I dunno if I GOT any ladies nylons around here! lol
maybe I could try a couple sections out of a paint strainer bag??? :-)

Man! I really like that JNMotors billet intake!
I gotta see if I can weld up something that works like a venturi. Then maybe wrap a sock around the end of it???

Lots of gud news here!
#1 said he'd be the pilot if I built a string trimmer racer for speed.
(I'm too fat to be a dancerxxx I mean racer!)
He's lean and mean, like when I was younger...

26F @1st light, 42F @ 9am here in the mornings!
I must be wimpy, here in Kalifornia, cuz it HURTS, even on a short ride! lol

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