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Default Re: Point Beach gets an EZM kit.

Gosh GN... THAT is a way fancy way to get those mmts at the proper angle!
...I just took a 1/2 round file to mine to adjust the angle for best bearing surface. lol

front forks w suspension??? $'s ? ...nah...
I ran an ad on craigslist to re-cycle unwanted bicycles and got abt a dozen of them.
8 in one lot from an engineering student at the nearby university who was done with his projects for the semester. every single one of them was busted, but there were many good parts on all of them.

U got a major university there in SD... see what the kids want to get rid of !
I also cruise by the dumpsters at one large apt complex down the road from my casa. Turnover is quite high, and the pile of mattresses, sofas, chairs and tvs is astounding!
Almost all the time there is a bicycle or two.
I had to stop bringing them home! lol

NOT quality marzocchi, Fox, or WhiteBros, but u never know when someone just doesn't want to deal with something in a move.

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