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Default Re: First Build Thread - BTR Inspired Cruiser

Originally Posted by Daft1Bake View Post
Hey everyone im new to all of this but just a quick question if any one can help. Can you put a bicycle motor on any bicycle? Im looking at a 20" Micargi Prince for the fact it looks cool but im wanting to put a motor on it for a neat little project but i dont if it will work because all of the motor kits i look at all say "Fits most 26"" so if anyone can help it would be cool thanks.
It would be best to post this question in a thread of your own. Posting a photo of the bike in question always helps, too. While there is probably a way to put some kind of motor on most any bike, it is a matter of matching up a motor with bike... you might have do a friction motor mounted behind the seat on a 20" frame. Welcome to the forum.
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