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Default Re: scruffy huffy first build

Maybe I'm spoiled, for I would want a big hill climbing engine. That exceptionally large space for a big engine on that frame triangle spot, just says horsepower. You know I have already mentioned my bike is no more pedals and is an off road vehicle and I since have heard another post recently of someone getting pulled over by a cop and told they have to pedal and that the motor is not legal.

Keeping the pedals on and having the engine placed so you can still pedal takes some doing. The extension and stuff the pedal crank that some here do is amazing. I did not want to tackel that yet and favor OHV for motorcycle parks.

Go either way. If you are already set up to cut and reweld then I see some way you can rat. I'm not the expert on rat, but I like a lot of the rat mods I've seen. Leaving it as is, but just changing minor stuff like handle bars for what I have seen on the board track style that slope downward may do too.

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