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Default Re: chain tensioner modification

Originally Posted by machiasmort View Post
Biker Mike

Before you rework the whole thing!!!! I like the mount!!! Try walking arround a good hardware store or two...

Look at Rat trap springs and other springs of similar nature! I've been doing some thinking myself. I want to see this thing work for you safely! You seem like the kind of guy who will give feed back... And are also 1 step ahead of me. I thought of one of those springs that hold screen doors shut. The kind that are not long(snake like) but C shaped that rock stationary and snap (hold tension) on the door when closed.

Are you familiar with what I'm describing or should I send a pic? The spring is small like the chain tensioner but snappier. It has two rubber rollers (one on each end).

Please be carefull. Chain derailment is no joke!
Not sure what it looks like. I think I found what I need thou, just need to find a place that carries it. I was looking at my cut off saw the other day and it has a spring that works in the opposite direction than the one I used. I think it will work better. I haven't given up in total defeat just yet. Just postponing it a bit to catch up on other honey do's. I'll re-post when I come up with one that works a little better. Thanks for the words of encouragement. it helps to keep you going thru the head banging portion of brain storming.
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