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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Weekly maintenance day today, with a couple of other jobs.

The beast refused to start first thing in the morning earlier this week, seemed to feel more like dribbling gas than anything else. So today I checked it out, seems the float valve in the carb wasn't closing enough. The fuel bowl gasket was fine, gas was flowing up and out of the carb though. Minor bend to the lever and it's fine now. I'd love to know why something that was working fine changes over 12 hours or so unattended. Ran it for a few minutes to be sure and it was very eager to start up and go. No leaking or dripping apparent right now.

Second task was adjusting the motor's position by a bit. It had settled a little in frame after running for a week or two, and was leaning a fraction to the left, bringing it close (less than 1/16") to my crank. It's back to having a bit over 1/8" clear again. Yeah, it's a tight fit, but it fits.

Everything's tight and torqued, tires pressure checked and filled, horn's air bottle is full, tank's full, and it's ready to roll so I expect it to be raining tomorrow despite a clear forecast.


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