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Default Re: Head and tail lights?

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
No damage, but an off switch for the light is needful to help w/starting the engine & some have found they need to tighten the spark plug gap a hair (.020) for smoother running with the light on. They are kinda picky tho as the "quality" varies from engine to engine, also not all 6v light bulbs are equal, some will draw jus' a lil too much and act like a kill switch - might hafta experiment a lil w/different 6v bulbs

I have this on my first build: and it's still goin' sweet after thousands of miles & I never had a prob or any harm to the electrical system
I wnat every milliamp that engine magnetyo makes to go to my plugs. I taped and sealed the white wire up.

LEDs consume so little power I would rather use rechargeable NiMH cells to take in to recharge at the end of the ride. I have a 9-L.E.D. array running forever off 3 AA NiMH cells in series.. 30 ma drain would take some time to drain AA's. They even run off AAA's

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