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Default Re: Warning to All! - Everyone look at this!

[QUOTE=brucemg51;34865]>>if the engine falls off the bike stops. It might be a rough stop but it will stop. <<

If you're lucky, you'll stop safely. Or, you may come to a stop when your head slams into the pavement.

Bruce, I'm glad you were not injured, I realize you must have been quite traumatized by the engine coming loose. I also realize you are trying to protect the rest of us from such an exprience, and I think most of us would agree and appreciate the thought... I find your vehemence almost "vendetta like" regarding these motorized bicycles, you are slamming a product that we all know could get us killed, but this is true of ANY motorized vehicle; I reflect on the posters that suggest that we take the bull by the horns and do all we can to minimize the risk of such a catastrophic event. Don't take this personally but most of your posts have to do with sprocket problems, and you seemed to marginalize the importance of getting it perfect. I also took the opportunity to look at another photo of your Kulana. I noticed that the front tube was drilled and the engine attached via a single bolt which by the way does NOT look like it is "perpendicular" to the drilled hole, this would put an extraordinary load on the front mount, Combining these factors with the fact that you removed the front crank and pedals and decided that this "machine was adequate for 30 mph in local traffic was the accident waiting to happen.... If you were building and selling these bikes and the first question you got from a potential customer was "how fast will it go"... if that question was posed to me my answer would be .. "as fast a bicycle should go" but ya don't have to pedal it all the way.... I am not trying to "flame" you but the horrific pictures your paint are not going to dissuade folks from enjoying a hobby that is resonably safe when you know the limitations of it and use the product responsibly and sensibly....Thanks for the heads up it's good info and food for thought....
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