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Default Re: Completely new... Help?

Originally Posted by cartersummerell View Post

Im totally new to the forum and also the idea of a motorized bicycle. I would like to build one but I have certain questions....
1- will I be able to go up hills? MINE takes modest hills
2- whats the fastest these things go? I don't have the cahones to go faster than 20 mph
3- why are pedals still on the bikes? absolutel! needed to turn engine over to start!
4- whats the easiest engine to "cannibalize" ?Don't! buy it new, ready t go! Less fussing
5- do people use gears (from a mountain bike or something)? I have gears on my Schwing Phantom. Once it's going I can gearup and go faster by helping the engine

Thanks! Im excited for this haha
see my italicized inserts following your questions
contact me off list for PDF copies of assembly instructions I have filed away

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