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Default Re: Completely new... Help?

Originally Posted by cartersummerell View Post

Im totally new to the forum and also the idea of a motorized bicycle. I would like to build one but I have certain questions....
1- will I be able to go up hills?
2- whats the fastest these things go?
3- why are pedals still on the bikes?
4- whats the easiest engine to "cannibalize" ?
5- do people use gears (from a mountain bike or something)?

Thanks! Im excited for this haha
1 yes you will probobly be able to go up hills with chinese kits with 44 t sprocket the kits come with.

2 depends, kits should go 30 more or less.

3you have to start the engine with pedals or if your engine has a pull rope its still nice to have your feet not dangling.

4.idk i havnt really tried

5 yes they sell shift kits but they cost money.

4 stroke you dont have to mix oil 2 stroke you do.
if your not gonna use kit then it all depends.

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