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Default Re: How Do I Install An Oil Dispenser Inside A Gas Tank

The Brunton fuel pump arrived. As expected, it screwed directly into the existing fuel bottle in my cage. However, the pickup tube is too short. A fuel stove requires its fuel bottle to lay down flat, not upright like my application. It should be no problem extending the pickup tube. It seems like this pump doesn't actually suck fuel and push it thru the lines. Methinks it pressurizes the empty space above the liquid, thereby pushing fuel thru a short line to the stove. Unsure if this pump is strong enough to push one ounce of Opti-2 oil, 24" to the oil dispenser. If it doesn't, I can try replacing my 18oz fuel bottle with a 12oz. one.

The 1/2" brass fittings and 3/4" hose for the dispenser arrived. Unfortunately, the large fittings and control valves are HEAVY!

So, I ordered a 1/4" elbow, tee and two 1/2"-to-1/4" reducers and 1/4" valves to replace the larger components. Two 1/2" fittings have 3/4" barbs. Using them with reducers, I can retain the 3/4" fuel hose with 1/4" parts in the system.

If the system is still heavy, I can use plastic fittings. The 1/4" valves are PVC, which are MUCH lighter than brass. Rated for food service, unsure if they'll work with Opti-2 oil/gas mix.

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