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Default Re: Warning to All! - Everyone look at this!

Originally Posted by brucemg51 View Post
If you're lucky, you'll stop safely. Or, you may come to a stop when your head slams into the pavement.
Ok. I feel the need to chime in here. First of all, I have plenty of opportunities to come to a complete stop when my head slams into the pavement without the engine attached. I mean, I can wreck a bike whether or not it is motorized. It all comes down to how the operator takes care of his equipment and how the operator operates his/her equipment.

I've seen more than enough people destroy brand new cars, motorcycles, etc. because of either ignorance or carelessness. Granted some of the hardware is poor quality however these engines are designed for the 'do it yourself' end user which requires some degree of common sense and knowledge about what they are getting into.

It's up to us who use these motors to make them safe enough for us to feel comfortable riding with them. Personnally I am replacing the hardware with stainless steel. I have nearly 1000 miles on mine without incident and many other do as well.

If this guy doesn't feel safe using this motor then everyone around him in public is better off that he doesn't use it because obviously he has much higher expectations than his competence.
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