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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

A few weeks ago I decided I would stop following instructions and start doing what made sense to me.

Bought high-end ($10 USD/quart) racing oil and backed my oil mix down to 32/1. The engine is a China girl w/ about 800-1,200 miles on it.

After shortening the chain as much as possible and making sure my drive sprocket/ left sprocket alignment was perfect I dropped my chain tensioner entirely. I don't use a chain tensioner at all.

Let my carb lay at the 30 degree tilt it likes rather than the straight up orientation that is recommended.

200 miles later the effects are: mileage is WAY down; like 60 MPG down from 120 MPG . is is mostly due to the carb change of course and the fact that I have also stopped being such a girly-girl and now push my engine as hard as a bloody well feel like it.

The chain has slipped off the drive sprocket ONCE, just a few days ago. This happened on a very rough stretch or pavement and I suspect my perfect alignment was momentarily not so perfect. (i.e. my frame or rim twisted). Now that it has stretched some I may take just one or two more links out of the chain.

Over all I am getting better top speed and better performance and more pleasure/satisfaction out of my rides.

I started building/riding gas bikes this summer so maybe I am just coming to the point where I saying to myself "Dude, you have some idea what you are doing; run with it."

Feels good man.

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