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Default Re: R,i,p, nellybelle

Glad you're still at it! Better to wipe out and dmg yourself than to smack into a baby and damage that poor fellow anyday. You did the right thing, for sure.

Just think of the better mileage you'll be getting because you won't want to go past half throttle, eh?

Originally Posted by Allen_Wrench
motorists are slow/loathe to accept the cyclist's presence on "their" roads.
no doubt. You were lucky somebody even stopped to check on you(iirc)

Drooping chain with idler all the way up? pop a link and move the idler down. If that's too much(anti-slack) there's half links you can get(SBP $2), instead of a master link.

Best of luck, and hey, there's no rush to go fast... You're still beating rushour/gridlock traffic, right?
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