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Default Re: Tubing Wall Thickness I.D???

Originally Posted by cory151 View Post
Was gonna see if anybody could answer this before I go chopping this old Schwinn up I have in the basement.

My calipers tell me the main tubes are 1" OD. Im getting ready to order some steel stock anybody have any idea what the wall thickness is on those?

Here are my choices...

1 OD x .058 wall x .884 ID
1 OD x .065 wall x .870 ID
1 OD x .120 wall x .760 ID
1 OD x .188 wall x .625 ID
1 OD x .156 wall x .688 ID
1 OD x .250 wall x .500 ID

I know this is a long shot so if I don't get a response I simply cut not and order steel later.
If you are simply going to use the stock for extra brace I'd go with .884. If you are going to extend the frame then I'd cut and order. If extending the frame, are you going to put a sleeve in the joints? If so then you need the correct wall and that would make a good fit. Just my thoughts!!!
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