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Default It's alive!!!

After much reading(and laughing)about motered bikes,I bought a Kulana Moon dog,and a motor kit.The bike came on thursday,the motor saturday morning.I spent about three hours getting it all together.I took off down the alley behind my house thinking,I sure hope this works! The darn thing fired right up. I had to adjust the idle just a little,but it runs very good.Iv'e been taking it easy on it till it's broke in some.The fun factor is great! I'm pretty sure that I have confirmed to all my neighbors that i'm nuts,but the kids think it's cool.I think the motor kit is pretty good quality for china,as good as the bike anyway.I picked it up from a place called They seemed to have all types of bike stuff.The motor is a (80cc) or what ever,who knows,anyway it's fun!Thanks to everyone on this forum for the info and entertainment value.
God bless!
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